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Mission Statement

To help serve the educational needs of the veteran. To make the self-improvement efforts of our veterans just a little more affordable. And to show our gratitude to those who served and to take a stand for those who’ve helped make our freedoms possible.

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welcome to Books4Veterans

You’ve done your duty, you’ve served your country and now you want to get ahead in life.

You hunger for more knowledge. You need to further your education. You intend to make a valuable contribution to society and you’re determined to be a success.To help serve the educational needs of Veterans and College students; To make the self-improvement effects of our Veterans just a little more affordable – And to show our gratitude to those who served and to take a stand for those who’ve helped make our freedom possible.

At Books4Veterans, we salute you!

We commend you for your service, and for your dedication to self-improvement.

However, we know that further education doesn’t come cheap. The cost of courses is rather prohibitive nowadays and textbooks alone can put quite a dent in your budget. You may even find yourself in an awkward debt situation that can quickly spiral out of control. With Colleges, Trade Schools and Universities throughout American doing what they can to supply students with the necessary resources, students are often reluctant or unable to spend money on new books.This is why we developed Books4Veterans as your one-stop shop, and the perfect place for you to buy books, to share or trade books, and to donate or sell books. And we’ve made sure that purchasing, donating and selling your text books is as easy and as affordable as possible.

Books4Veterans has gone the extra mile in providing a service that is easy and fun, by eliminating the worries of costly text books for Veterans and non-veterans alike.

Everyone is welcome, so join today!